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Protecting Families is My Passion

There are options available  when we sometimes face the most difficult times in our lives. I want to teach people what I was never taught growing up and want to help those who I can, even if it's just with knowledge of  when we don't prepare for the inevitable. 

About me

I started working in this industry to help people.  Like most people, I experienced a great loss in my life, I know exactly how it feels to feel lost, worried and afraid.  If, I am giving someone  a bit of hope during the most difficult time of their Life and pointing them in the  right direction, then I have done my job. 

I live in Northern California, I love traveling.  And thanks to my sister who's a travel bug, she's helped me to conquer my fears of being in a plane for more than 10 hours!  I have a great partner that supports me in whatever crazy idea comes to mind. I have 5 siblings who I love and adore and a wonderful father who's loving and caring.  My beautiful mother, who protects and guides me from heaven. She is the reason, I do what I do now. 
-Suzy Zelaya